Sunday, July 14, 2019 2:44 am - Thursday, July 18, 2019 5:44 am

Dude seriously from the bottom of Cheap OSRS gold my heart congratulations. I just found the newly do to starting my very own Runescape account. After enjoying Runescape myself it only makes me appreciate your accomplishment even more. I'll continue to see your stuff and I will keep up with your own Morytania lock UIM. I have done stupid things like enjoying TF2 for 24 hours straight but nothing can compete with this. To a different UIM and also to another Journey.

I used to watch a bunch of ur movies but never played myself since Runescape is very time intensive, but seeing u do so seems like u have done the impossible and leaves me wanna give it a try to play runescape for not the pking and gold but additionally earning the things leveling and myself like you did, frankly gives me the chills to watch this. Amazing video.

I still believe Ironman mode in it's various forms is the way rs gold rsgoldfast is meant to be playedwith. It's the only means you have to really use all the articles and the way they're all intertwined. Free trade definitely changes the way ppl play RuneScape. So much content becomes spilled or unaknowledged because u can only buy the product Instead of grinding out the drop or skill required.

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