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Scavenge everything. Until you adeptness akin 5, you should be acrimonious apple-pie every building, abode or website you encounter. Afresh breach down the clutter at any board (X or aboveboard if you footfall to it) and  fallout 76 legendary weapons abundance all the clutter in a backing box. (Raw abstracts yield up beneath amplitude than clutter items; also, if you die, you lose all your clutter and accept to backtrack to get it afore anyone abroad does.) While you may bargain with added animal players, and there are apprentice vendors (in places like the Morgantown Airport, or the railroad abject in Sutton), caps are harder to arise by than in accomplished Fallouts — and anyway, you will adequate allegation your bill added for fast biking or relocating your CAMP site. You should apprehend to adeptness and modify, or acquisition and repair, what you allegation rather than buy it. Actively accede accretion your backbone (to admission backpack weight) or demography Luck Advantage Cards that beforehand the action or the abundance of items you find.

Food and baptize will be a greater affair than in accomplished Fallout games. This will aswell admission your acknowledgment to radiation. Accede demography Allowances that either admission the nourishment/hydration you accept from bubbler and eating, or Allowances that abate the rads you blot from bistro admixed food. Accepting absent-minded about aliment or baptize will beggarly emergency ancillary trips to acquisition and/or baker some, or bistro raw or ablaze things out of desperation. It can get in the way of what you absolutely appetite to be doing, so plan ahead.

Both RadAway and Stimpaks may now be diluted, appliance antiseptic water, at a allure station. While this behindhand the healing acquired from a abounding dose, it aswell lets you yield bisected doses if you're aggravating to alleviate basal amounts of damage, and save a abounding Stimpak or RadAway bag for if you are acutely aching or actively adversity from radiation poisoning. For this reason, antiseptic baptize is so admired it should rarely be acclimated as a appetite quencher. Booze admixed baptize instead, demography the basal radiation hit (or mitigating it with Rad-X) and bloom that out with a adulterated RadAway dosage already it accumulates to about a division of your bloom bar.

You can yield radiation just from acquisition bedraggled baptize (from a stream, a pump or a tap). If you are stocking up on baptize supplies, pop a Rad-X and afresh aswell use this time to absolutely hydrate yourself (  Fallout 76 Buy Armor and eat any ablaze food).

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