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Amazingly, these banks have media readily available to hit them up with your inquiries and complaints. In this quick tip post, I’ll get you to know the various customer care lines, emails and social media handles to contact Guaranty Trust Bank’s customer service Which Is Better Bet9ja Or Nairabet Which Is Better Bet9ja Or Nairabet 24/7 available in order to fix your No need for the "How Do I Contact GTBank customer care phone numbers? " questions as we’ve got you covered. Note: All information on this page where gathered from the official website of the Guaranty Trust Bank and would always be updated upon changes on the website. You’ll have to go to a branch of your bank for that.

I enroll for bvn long time ago will I still get the code? Have you gotten it yet? 3 weeks ago snd i av not been able to withdraw the. They said the account needs upgrading and i dont av any of the required id for it am a student. And i seriously need this money pls av spent all my mobey going here and there in lagos. I have my BVN but from another bank but I av nt given it to gtbank to update my details. Can I send it to u to do it. Pls, I am at offshore and I have my bvn with me but haven’t registered it with gtb, can I email my account details and bvn for registration?

Please can’t setup beneficiaries for money transfer especially for customers of Diamond Bank. They have active accounts with Diamond bank. Please assist. Can gtb customer care manually do. Have you gotten this to work so far? Hope u will consider my complains. You can make use of the internet banking platform to link your BVN. Pls walk into any GTB branch for help. 2. I did my BVN registration like 3 months ago only to be given a code 6498731. Up till now, I have not gotten my full BVN number and my account has been blocked. Even my other bank accounts has been blocked too basically because I have not been provided with my BVN number. You might have to visit a GTB branch for help.

Im in South Africa and i cant use my atm card ..Ive been calling their customer care for the past 1hr .no proper response till exhausted my 100 rand airtime…Pls how can you help me? Have you tried reaching them via mail, they often respond immediately or more-so in less than 24 hours. Secondly, do you have BVN registration agents in Germany at all? Pls call the customer service number for further details as regards this. You’ll have to walk into a GTB branch to fill an information update form, or make use of the internet banking platform. Pls walk into any GTB branch for help. Have you tried reaching the customer service lines?

I.T aptitude test comes up for 2016? My name is ijeh Nwamaka Jessica, I open an account in camp at abia state during the nysc orientation camp(steam 1).ever since then,I have been expecting to receive message concerning my ATM card. Pls,I will be glad if there is respond to my complain. Why Is My Bet9ja Account Frozen not walk into any GTB branch for help as regards your issue. Pls I want the management to stop the deduction of my money illegally by armor for Android AFA, I never subscribe for it, the deduction is getting too much. I need urgent intervention please. Your bank just sent me an SMS now about thel authorization for the illegal transaction on AFA. Pls do something. I don’t want my money deducted. Pls try calling the contact numbers and narrate your ordeal. They’ll definitely help you from there.

Why Is My Bet9ja Account Frozen not walk into any GTBank branch and lay your complain? Try sending them a mail or using the contact phone number. I was debited without paying at sterling ATM at Coker gate time 1:56 nd there’s no reverse up till now gtb kindly do something. I am having issue of name arrangements with stanbic ibtc that my name appears on their database as akinyemi akintunde akeem. Called your customer care line and did not find the option I needed. I was debited on atm and was not paid. Ebenezer Babatope Fatukasi. Account number. Why Is My Bet9ja Account Frozen not try reaching GTConnect directly, or rather, visit any of their branches closest to you.

Thank you so much, I have been searching how to to contact GTB. I Did This transaction since November 16 2016 by 12:53 through mobile transfer. Up till now. Mr Ajayi is insisting he hasn’t seen d money in his account. Please I will be grateful if my statement of my savings account be send to me today to proof Mr Ajayi wrong. I humble wish bring this to your notice, I made a redraw of 4,000 at Unity Bank (CBD) Abuja yesterday and Unity bank ATM Debited me Without Payment, till now the money are yet to be reverted. We wish to inform you that a Debit transaction occurred on your account with us. I have received and instruction to come and collect my master card from Dugbe; Ibadan branch many times. No call till now.

Pls locate it and reserve it for unstressful collection or give me a call when it is found or give me the contact of an account officer with whom I could relate directly. Hope you got my comment posted a few minutes ago. Please can u guys help me? 27th of Jan Which Is Better Bet9ja Or Nairabet was declined. The money was blocked but on Friday part of the money was unblocked. Why Is My Bet9ja Account Frozen is that so? What do i need to do? I did too up from gtbank on my phone through top up on gtbank of 100naira but surprisingly 270was deducted from my account.

Good morning. Happy new working day. We wish you could also reach your customers both old and prospective by advertising through the television screens in the BRT buses. We have worked with some companies successfully and the results were amazing. We wish you could also try this means and probably be the first bank to do so as your or our custom is. We will be glad to work with you in this aspect even though we know you may already have the an advertising agency working with you. Zizan Excel Media is an agent to the media in charge of the BRT buses. 9000 naira to naira bet account and Which Is Better Bet9ja Or Nairabet not deliver please help me send the money now.

Hello gtb …I made a payment for my DSTV from my account online and due to the network my money was removed 3 times 5700 was debited instead of 1900 and 5700 was debit from my account …it was debit during this time…09:11am,09:12am,09:12am ….Please help me get something done with my money ….1900 should be debit from my account instead please…. I wanted to make a card less withdrawal bt d withdrawal pin was nt sent to me nd I received a debited alert. Wat will I do to receive my pin. Good afternoon,I just opened a domicilliary account few days ago.I would like to know ABA account attached to my account.Thank you.

I really want to no if the ATM machine in agbor road Which Is Better Bet9ja Or Nairabet a fancy machine. Because there is never a day it does it work expecailly weekend. M even tire of your banking system in agbor road is not encouraging at all.I don’t back with union bank ,but if I want to wildraw money gtb ATM machine will never pay u. At the end I always find myself wiitdrawong from another Bank. WHY GTB IN AGBOR ROAD Why Is My Bet9ja Account Frozen? You can go to the bank or call GTB customer service lines and they’ll have the issue sorted out for you.
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