by On June 13, 2019

In 2007, several Runescape players - once the largest multiplayer game in the world - announced the communist republic on the server, killing 5,000 characters in a revolution.

The Republic of Gielinor established a location committee and sent representatives to the People’s Assembly, which discussed the party leader and the 20 ministers under his leadership. In 2008, many junior party members launched a counter-revolutionary policy and formulated a reform plan. But no one expected the result of this revolution.

After Runescape's management reassessed the internal components of real-world currency games, the price of many items depreciated, causing the economy to collapse. So it shows the status quo today.

I know that today is April 1st, and the source of this story will not appear in earlier versions; however, due to  mmoah the long history of the page, I believe this may happen soon.

In October, the economy hit a record low. However, the Communist Party has always insisted that the profitability of high-level projects will eventually rise, thus allowing the final economy to  RS Gold recover. Sadly, there is still a big gap between reality and imagination. Because of the market collapse, communists cannot get enough taxes to meet the cost of troops they should maintain. Finally, the General Secretary dissolved the party and returned the facility to the bourgeoisie.

Regrettably, RuneScape's first socialist experiment ended when the capitalist rule was restored. The proletariat smothered their power through the revolution, and they clearly demonstrated how the objective conditions of communism in RuneScape existed. This crisis has killed the flame of socialism.


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