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One of the extremely popular action RPG keeps dragging a difficulty when it comes to starting fighting which doesn't end up convincing users. We mention Path of Exile as well as the confrontations in melee as there are many users who describe the combat system as "clumsy" when these circumstances occur.
The Path of Exile patch 3.7.0 is not going to arrive until June

The developers in the game are aware with POE Items the problem they've got in hand-to-hand fighting, so they've already published the state note confirming actually working on a fresh system of confrontation with better animations as well as a readjustment inside the skills which will allow obtaining better results.

Players of other action RPGs have occasionally criticized Path of Exile to get "clumsy", especially from the outset before players obtain a lot of attack speed. We are making several experimental changes inside the animation system that should help solve these concerns and intensely reinforce the impression of close combat.

In addition to your improvements inside the animation system as well as the rebalancing of melee skills, we have been experimenting with alterations in systems for instance accuracy, a sprinkling of melee, leech, fortification, several types of Ascendancy, the passive tree, comments of success or failures, varieties of melee bases, movement and melee skills. Availability of injury to items.

Unfortunately, the update will not likely come for a couple of months, and after this, the latest version available is 3.6.3D, a version that features numerous fixes in a multitude of identified bugs. Of course, purchasing coins and items continue, as usual, therefore, if a dungeon is complicated, you are able to choose to Buy POE Items to obtain accessories like Path of Exile Currency so you could improve your character with accessories and accessories on the trade sections.


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