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Understanding what booking codes are and how to use them is your pathway to making good strategic decisions in staking your cash using Bet9ja. You wouldn’t just be throwing money into games with the normal and popular choices of win or draw. You’ll be more tactical and strategic in an easy way while placing bets with these booking codes and winning lots and lots of money. All the booking codes you’ll ever need to place your bets can be found in the menu bar circled in RED. Understanding how these booking codes works can be very daunting and exhausting, but we’ll break these codes down for you and bring out the refind meanings, and how they can be played.

These booking codes are found in the popular tab under the MAIN Each figure has its meaning, and they sometimes combine to have a dual meaning called double chances ‘DC’. ‘1’ is used to indicate Home team which is always the team on the left. While ‘2’ is used to indicate Away team which is on the right, and ‘X’ is to indicate a draw. So selecting 1 in a match simply means you are predicting the home team (team on the left) would win. And selecting ‘X’ means you are predicting a draw. However, you could choose to predict a double chance with these basic booking codes.

‘1X’ is used to indicate your choice of Home team to Win or Draw. This means that you’re predicting the home team will win, or they will draw. The same goes for ‘X2’. It means the Away team wins or draw. ’12’ Commonly called "twelve" is a betting code that means Either team to win and no draw. This means that you’re are predicting that either the home team wins, or the away team wins. If the match is drawn at the final result, you’ve lost. This is used to indicate a prediction of the numbers of goals that would be scored in the match.

The O/U 2.5 option can be found in the MAIN menu option with 1X2, and DC, with O/U 2.5 at the extreme right of the option. In the O/U menu, you are meant to indicate if the match would end with more than (over) one goal, or less than (under) one goal, or less than 2 goals or more than two goals, and so on. You are left to choose from two options in i.e Over or Under in each category. Over 0.5 simply means that more than zero goals will be scored. Which implies that at least one goal will be scored.

And Under 0.5 means that no goals will be scored. Over 1.5 means more than 1 goals will be scored, and Under 1.5 means that less than 2 goals will be scored, or only one goal will be scored. Notice the ".5". There is no such thing as 1.5 (One and a half) goals in football. Its either no goal, one goal, two goals etc. So the ".5" is just to place a stopping factor in between zero and one. This principle is the same for the Under (O) options. This category comprises of several very important booking codes you would always want to use, especially when you want to be a little more specific with your predictions.

Home Wins Both First half and Second Half. Away Wins Both First half and Second Half. Home Wins Either First half Or Second Half. Away Wins Either First half Or Second Half. Home Scores In Both Halves. Away Scores In Both Halves. IF Home Team Wins, the No Bet. IF Away Team Wins, then-No Bet. Home Goals: here you’ll choose a number of goals the home team will score. Away Goals: here you’ll choose the number of goals the away team would score. Home team will score. Away team will score. HSH Away You have to predict in which half the Away team will score more goals.

ODD OR EVEN HOME: You have to predict if the number of goals scored by the home team during the entire match is going to be odd or even. If the home team does not score any goal the winning selection is even. ODD OR EVEN AWAY: You have to predict if the number of goals scored by the away team during the entire match is going to be odd or even. If the away team does not score any goal the winning selection is even. This is a combination of two or more beta codes. The principle remains the same like we’ve previously learnt. This is just a combination of the MAIN OPTIONS. 1X2&OU1.5 simple indicates Home Who Win Bet9ja, Draw, Away Win and Under or Over 1.5. This has a similar option like the main options.

HomeCheat and TipsBet9ja: Virtual Football League PDF, Software, Cheat & Tricks. Bet9ja: Virtual Football League PDF, Software, Cheat & Tricks. Bet9ja Virtual Cheat 2019, Free Latest hacked (VFL) Tricks, Tips, and Cheats, Virtual football league betting software, Free Vfl calculator APK - Download (PDF). SHARPEST ARENA - Always give out the best Virtual football league winning formula, Strategy, tips, cheat, trick, pdf, software, analysis, statistics, Betting Advice, guide, prediction, and every other winning method for Bet9ja league. Always visit our website everyday, especially this page because we are going to update this cheat every week. These are the upcoming "Virtual football league (VFL) cheats and tricks" you will find on our website very soon. 1. Nairabet virtual football cheat & tricks.

2. Betking virtual football cheat. 3. Sportybet virtual football cheat. 4. Soccabet virtual cheat & tricks. 5. Sportpesa virtual cheat and secret. 6. Merrybet virtual football tips & cheat. 7. Lionsbet virtual tips, cheat, and tricks. 8. Betin virtual cheat, and tips. If you need more football betting tips or virtual cheat, always visit Wapjotter to get the latest. Play the cheat exactly as it is arranged and indicated below, your winning chance is 100% sure, guarantee, and assurance. Note: you don't need to rush when you are making use of this cheat if you don't want to loss. Have patient, study and watch the virtual football matches of every week to tally with the one inside the cheat below before you play.

Latest Yesterday Bet9ja Winning Ticket Virtual Cheat. If ARS and EVE win their 1st Match of the Season and (ARS straight win odds is 1.75) in the 2nd Match, Play ARS straight win. If (EVE straight win odds is 1.45), play EVE too straight win. Both of them will won the second match, 100% sure. In the 3rd Match if ARS straight win odds is 2.82, play ARS straight win. It is 100% sure, except if ARS face MNC or MUN. 2. FUL - WOL. 6. BOU - MNC. 5. MNC - FUL. 3. HUD - WOL. 3. NWC - ARS. 5. CRY - MNC. 8. BOU - FUL. 8. NWC - ARS. If ARS win last match and if NWC lost. 8. ARS - WHU. 3. HUD - BOU. 5. CRY - MNC. 5. BRI - ARS. 8. WOL - HUD. Play the above virtual cheat exactly how it is indicated.

The Number such as 2,3,4,5 or 8 at the back of each team represent the number they must fall to in the Matchday table. Their odds must be exactly as the one written in this cheat before you can play. The same thing happens to the Week number and how the (team was arranged in Home and Away Matches). Once you play this "latest Bet9ja virtual cheat" as it is indicated above, it is 100% sure to win. Watch this below video to see (how you can win Bet9ja virtual everyday). How to win 500k on Virtual football PDF is now available. 3000 only, Everything about Virtual football from A-Z is inside this book. 2000 naira) for the virtual football cheat only. Check the image above to see What Is Bet9ja Promotion Code the pdf contains. Buy this pdf and turn virtual football to money making machine.

See our, Latest Bet9ja Virtual Cheat Prove, If you buy our PDF. The cheat indicate HUD vs FUL match as over3.5 goals, Now we want to play the match, see the screenshot image below. We have play the match, Now let's see the virtual match result of the HUD vs FUL we just play, in the screenshot below. The game won. Our virtual cheat is 100% reliable, tested & trusted by thousands of subscribers. Now we wants to play another game, the cheat indicate CAR vs HUD match as over3.5 goals, see the screenshot below. Now, let's see the virtual match result for the CAR vs HUD game we select, in the screenshot below. The game won again.

We can never deceive you bcos this is our own business. The teams which their Logo were not bold as others in this above images are teams that score in lost time, so we screenshot it immediately as the time gets to zero (0), before the virtual will bring another match. We don't told you that the teams inside the image above will be playing o3.5 goals everytime, so don't deceive yourself. Order for our cheat to let our PDF indicate the games you will play for you. Don't play prank or think too wise. UR SUCCESS IN HANDS. If you don't have WhatsApp you can still received this cheat, and pdf through ur email address.

Also read the previous post that contains all virtual football options, here: Bet9ja Virtual cheat and correct score, 100% sure. For more and latest Bet9ja Highest Stake Virtual Cheat and Correct Scores, If you are ready to buy our PDF, we update our cheat pdf - times to times. Top Post People are reading. 1. (10) WordPress Plugins for SEO. 2. How to Rank higher on Google. 3. Football betting tips, 100% sure. 4. African Fish Roll Preparation. 5. 10Fastest way to make Money with a Blog. 6. How to create smiley and icon. 7. How to send free SmS by Gmail. 8. Hustler Tools and Tips. 9. Promote yourself or business on Sharpest Arena. 10. How to Create a Blog. 11. How to Submit Sitemap to search engine, using webmasters.

Here at Bet9ja, we like to keep you up-to-date with our hottest offers and latest events. To make sure that you don't miss out on any information, feel free to add us to your safe senders list to make sure that you receive our emails. Find instructions below of how to add us to your safe senders list no matter which email client that you choose to use. Step 2 Click on the New drop-down menu and select New Contact. Step 3 Type the email address of the new contact in the Screen Name field and click the Save button. Step 1 Open the email.

Step 2 Click on More Options in the upper right hand corner of the message. Step 3 Click on Add Sender to Contacts List in the header of the email. Step 4 A confirmation message will be displayed above the email. Step 1 From the mail screen, click on the Address Book tab. Step 2 Insert the email address you would like to add. Step 1 Open the email. Step 2 Click Save Address in the menu bar. Step 3 Click OK on the next screen. Adding to the Address Book doesn’t automatically add you to the Safe Sender list; you must mark the sender as Safe. Step 2 Select the Add to Address Book link. Step 3 Enter the email address of the contact and click on Save Contact.

The bet9ja platform gives its customers within Nigeria a solid range of options that cover different methods of banking, so you can expect your option to be on the list. The deposit methods include all the major debit cards and bank transfer methods, including XPath, UBA, and GTBank. Others include Instant Bank Deposits, Skye mobile deposit, and Webpay (using a Naira debit card). The least amount you can deposit is 100 Naira, and the good news is that there are no extra costs in the processing - which also means your deposit is instant. As for withdrawals, the processing period takes up to 24 hours, which is relatively quick compared to other betting platforms. You can only withdraw using the bank transfer method. The good news though is that withdrawals are usually free to process. In addition, you can only withdraw your money during official banking hours.

Do you also want to know how to play Yesterday Bet9ja Winning Ticket? That’s why we created this awesome guide on how to sign up, register and play Bet9ja. It’s a fantastic way to explore the fun of betting on your mobile phone. So you have made the decision to open your Bet9ja Highest Winner 2018 account (If you don’t have one, open one here). The first step is to fill your details in. Details to open an account includes your email address and if you have a promotion code. If not, click NO as an option. Later when you sign up, you will have to register more details.

Let us go through together how to start playing on Nigeria biggest bookmaker. Below we list the steps in how you can get started. Make a deposit with your preferred and chosen payment method. Research the markets and chose the sport or even you want to play on. Chose the selection you would like to play on, decide what stake you want to add to the bet. Make the bet by clicking on the Bet button. When you have finished with registering your account. You want to play on your new Bet9ja account online! You can, of course, use the desktop site. The first step is to research a good bet!

When you find on that you think is good, you choose the team (or the player) you want to win. Fill in the amount you want to play for, and click BET. You will see the calculated winnings (should your bet win). You can also cancel your play by clicking on the Cancel button. Are you a soccer (football) fan? If so, you might want to play on soccer with your new account. If you are unsure how to, we will show you in a few easy steps! First, you need to make sure you choose a soccer game to play on.

If you like to watch National Teams or Soccer Leagues like Premier League or La Liga, you should look at all the available options. Say for example you want to place a bet on Arsenal vs. Manchester United you should go to the section for Premier League. You will find this section on the left-hand When you have chosen the match you want to play on, select it and it will appear on your betslip. Do the steps mentioned above and you will have played on soccer! Answer: Once you have registered your account with Yesterday Bet9ja Winning Ticket, you will have to deposit money. As a player, you register your preferred payment option and transfer your chosen amount to your online betting wallet. Once the money has been received in your betting account, you are able to start your bet9ja experience! We hope that you have enjoyed this guide on bet9ja how to play! If there’s anything you are wondering about, please contact us on our Contact page.

Fulham welcome Liverpool to Craven Cottage for a crunch Premier League clash on Sunday evening. With just eight games left until the end of this campaign, the Cottagers Who Win Bet9ja are miles away from safety at the moment will need a miracle if they are to survive the drop. But the same can’t be said about Liverpool’s title pursuit, as the Reds are only a point adrift of table-topping Manchester City. Considering the Citizens commitment in the FA Cup this weekend, Jurgen Klopp’s men can go top of the table with a win in this clash on Sunday. Therefore, the visitors will put everything into this game to ensure they return to Anfield with all three points at (1.26) odds with Bet9ja.

The site not only offers a range of features, games, jackpots and virtual play, but their prediction booking number and code system is one of the easiest to follow. The site offers a wide bet-market and is simple to fill in your bet slip. There are two betslip ways to place a wager; one being going into one of their actual shops and getting your bet9ja booking number or bet9ja bet code there and the other is through their online site. The site obvious convenience, the ability to study the bets in quiet and not standing in queues for long periods.

For this purpose we will concentrate on how to fill in your bet slip online. A punter can place single bets, different bets on one match or an accumulator. The lay-out of the betslip is one of the most professional, easy-to-use in the country and is prominently displayed on the top right hand flank of the page. The punter must just click on desired results and then the selected games will automatically be shown on the bet slip. The odds of a double game for example will be shown if a bet-maker selects two games. Then they must put in amount and then click on place bet. There is an option to scan a bar-code, print or place a bet by e-mail as well. Once you have put in the booking code, the prompt will say FOUND and then the subscriber must press LOAD. If the punter would like to look at the vast variety of bet-options for each match they must click on the fixture and this will take them to another page, offering many, many bet-market options. Some include; HF/FT, No goals scored, handicap, over/under, total goals, total away goals, team to score in first half and many more.

Chelsea will aim to secure the maximum points when Watford visit Stamford Bridge for their matchday 37 fixture in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon. With just two fixtures left to wrap up this campaign, the Blues will come into this one fully aware they can’t afford any more slip-ups in the race to finish in the top four. However, Maurizio Sarri’s men will have to combat a very resolute Watford side also chasing European football for next season. Better than Depay & Fekir! Javi Gracia’s men are realistically on course to finish seventh judging by their current placement on the log ahead of this fixture on Sunday. They will look to put in their very best to ensure a positive result at Stamford Bridge, with a famous win for them quoted at (8.00) odds with Bet9ja.

The home side will, however, take solace from their very positive record against this opponent, as they are unbeaten in 11 home matches against Watford in all competitions (W7 D4 L0). A win to better their chances of finishing the season on a high note is valued at (1.38) odds with the same bookies. But the Blues will come into this match off the back of a very daunting trip to Germany in the Europa League, where they managed to hold their hosts Eintracht Frankfurt to a one-all draw. There is a possibility that might take its toll on the players. Therefore, punters can expect Chelsea to just nick this one by the skin of the teeth in what looks set to be a low-scoring affair.

Bet9ja predictions for this weekend is available. We have Bet9ja Predictions 10 sure games for you that you can predict correctly this Weekend. A lot of people will be playing Yesterday Bet9ja Winning Ticket this week. 10 sure games that you can put your money on. Happy weekend to everyone you must win bet9ja to spend for your weekend. Let check some good game you can plan. Welcome to bet9ja prediction free page. Who Founded Bet9ja will pay you if you can follow our free prediction tips. Stake with any amount of your choice and smile to the bank. Bet9ja will surely pay you if you follow our tips and prediction very carefully. I write about the trick to win bet9ja predictions, you can follow the instructions to book your ticket every time. I will be given you 10 sure games for this weekend. You can play it anytime because booking your game earlier increases the odd and eventually increases the money.

How do you control addicts? Just like every habit, there are addicts, we as a business help people by providing articles on our platform, website where you can go and read up on responsible gaming. Again, we have other measures for consumer protection as regards gaming. It is responsible gaming, you have to put measures in place for control and consumer protection. It’s all over the media that Bet9ja is the headline sponsor of this year’s Big Brother Nigeria; can you tell us why? One of our major vision as a business, is to actually "change lives" as much as we can.
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