by On March 14, 2019
H 50 hp, one hundred twenty ft-lbs; sixty five hp, one hundred sixty ft-lbs; 80 hp, 200 ft-lbs; and one hundred fifty hp, 360 ft-lbs), as well as a stock (level zero) setting when needed. It comes with a four.three-inch contact screen with elective backup digital camera functionality for simple trailer hookup. H&S Performance was the first within the business to offer a DPF delete package for the 6.7L Cummins. AutoCal The AutoCal system is intended to provide a handy platform for skilled tuners to distribute customized tunes to the top person. Earlier than purchasing an AutoCal Tuner from the numerous provided below, you can be requested for details about your truck together with modifications, VIN quantity, tire size, and more. This info permits tunes to be constructed on your specific wants and elements combination. With the AutoCal, the tip user is just not in a position to view, build, or modify tuning. This makes the AutoCal ideally suited for the enthusiasts that merely want to buy custom tuning and set up it in their truck. Please be aware that solely the FlashScan V2 system that first programmed the AutoCal has software program rights to that system. In other phrases, if you are going to buy an AutoCal pre-loaded with customized tunes from Firm A, you can not load tunes from Company B unless the AutoCal is unlinked. Unlinking is completed at the discretion of the tuner and cannot be done remotely. I've a 2014 f250 KR with a 6. If you liked this write-up and you would like to obtain much more details about Browse around This Web-site kindly visit our web-site. 7 diesel and it has just over 78k. I use it to drag a couple of 7k trailer for near half of its used miles. I also pull a 10k backhoe about 1 or 2 times a yr and otherwise its a mixture of freeway and backroad use. I get a mixed mpg of 14 even. I dwell in NW CT and want to know if there's a shop in my area that may do the upgrades that you are suggesting? I need to preserve it legal so a delete shouldn't be an possibility. I additionally do not wish to threat damaging the motor as a result of I really wish to preserve this truck ( I bought it new). I am in the stage of searching for one of the best options to achieve MPG but will not pull the set off till I hit the 100K mark someday toward the tip of next year. I don't wish to risk loosing the warranty on this 15k motor.
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