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Diet and Eating. Toddlers will often have less appetite from being over tired. This is not to say they just won't eat but it can be the culprit to his eating poorly or not eating enough for his age. This in itself carries with it other health and nutrition issues. It is also likely that due to being tired, his body will crave more carbohydrates and sugary foods. This causes weight gain, which houses a whole list of illnesses. On Sunday morning I went down to the hotel lobby to get some coffee and a pastry, and then returned to my room to work until I had to check out at eleven. I was back home by noon, and filled with new ideas I was ready to implement. I had also done more work while I was there than I usually did in a week at home. Most people know that to stop the snoring, what position you sleep in can be quite helpful. Sleeping with your head elevated can really help. It is helpful to use something to elevate your head, so you won't move to another position or let your head drop. Trying to use multiple Pillows often won't work, though. This is because you can easily fall off them during the night. Plus to stop the snoring your whole upper body needs to be elevated. To stay in the right position it can help to elevate the entire top portion of your bed, either your mattress or the whole bed. Musculoskeletal: These pains are often a result of weakness or spasticity in the muscles and usually occur in the hips, legs and arms. They can be the result of muscles, tendons and ligaments that have been immobilized for a period of time. Back pain can manifest due to poor posture and any contractions and spasms of the muscles can be very painful. Many people think alcohol has a sedative effect, so it can help people relax the mind and body. In fact, alcohol will prevent the body from entering into REM (rapid eye movement) deep sleep stage, thus affecting the sleeping quality or even leading to insomnia. As a result, do not drink alcohol before you go to bed - i was reading this,. 2) I know a man with horrible Sleep Problems. (He has sleep apnea that sometimes brings his nighttime oxygen saturation level down into the 60th percentile!) His doctor gave him a medicine for another condition. That medicine causes the man to get up six or seven times a night to go to the bathroom. All of those awakenings result in more interference with his sleep cycle and further ruin his chance of getting any decent rest! He feels worse than ever. Several times family members have found him passed out on the floor in the middle of the night. He is exhausted! Some of us take jobs that offer very little variety or stimulation which can be a recipe for disaster. ADHD people normally do not perform well on assembly line type work and are restless about really enjoying our work. Job satisfaction is very important to anyone who works. For a person with ADHD the fact that our job is boring or lacks adequate stimulation further complicates the first two problems of oversleeping and using verbally inappropriate responses to our employers. You could also decorate your home with colorful Moroccan tiles. Whether you prefer to use them as flooring or as decoration, you can be sure that they are never dull. Some home owners prefer to use them as part of the wall in their kitchen, bathroom or living room. Some even use them as their kitchen table top. Framing them up to hang like a painting is also a creative idea. The fun part is to create your own design by putting several of these tiles together. To do this, stand up straight with the big toes touching each other. The toes should be parallel, not pointing at each other. Let all the toes fan out and lift them. After fanning the toes out, drop them on the floor. Create a space between the feet if necessary so your ankles do not bump each other or else you will be out of balance. Imagine yourself as a tree. The feet should be rooted firmly on the floor.
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